A healthy mouth is one of the cornerstones of overall wellness. However, we understand that dental anxiety afflicts millions of people. Perhaps due to a past negative experience, fear that was ingrained in them from a young age, or other reasons, they may dread their appointments so much that they neglect proper oral healthcare.

We do our best to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment in our office, and we empathize with patients who have dental fears. We’re always looking for ways to help people feel at ease. That’s why we put together the BarCalm system, a drug-free relaxation method that might be exactly what you need to conquer your anxiety and breeze through your next dental appointment.


The human body’s reaction to stress is a defense mechanism. When there is a real, physical danger, a series of changes happens across your mind and body that make you more alert, stronger, and ready to fight or flee. Unfortunately, while that response is invaluable when you’re navigating through rush hour traffic or dealing with an aggressive dog, it can make things like dental appointments (which present no real danger) an extremely uncomfortable experience.

BarCalm uses the principles of neuroscience to encourage your brain to deactivate its stress reaction so you can get through your appointment without undue anxiety. And since BarCalm is drug-free, you won’t feel groggy afterward. In facts, you might even feel downright refreshed when you leave our office!


BarCalm uses three components to encourages your brain to hit its de-stress button:

  • A clinical, light-blocking eye mask. Since the mask won’t allow you to see anything that your brain might designate as a threat (such as dental drills or bright lights), you’re less likely to experience fear during your appointment.
  • Bose wireless noise-canceling headphones. The headphones help you to disconnect from what’s happening in your mouth. You won’t hear the whirr of the machines around you, strange suction noises, or anything of that nature.
  • Anti-stress music. Relaxing music can reduce your production of stress hormones. It also has the power to alter brainwave activity in a therapeutic, calming manner. We use carefully selected tracks to encourage the greatest level of relaxation possible.


Don’t be ashamed to tell us about any anxiety you have toward dental treatment. Our desire is that you maintain a healthy mouth without feeling like our office is anything but a place of compassion and genuine care. Everyone on our staff is friendly and committed to helping you. When you tell us about your worries, we’ll discuss how we can help you stay comfortable throughout your appointment. BarCalm is the perfect solution for some patients, whereas others may benefit more from nitrous oxide sedation.

Would you like to learn more about BarCalm, or are you ready to experience firsthand how it can soothe dental anxiety? Contact Barco Family Dentistry today to ask questions about BarCalm or to schedule your next appointment.

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