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Following advanced tooth loss, the Barco Family Dentistry team is here to help you fully restore your smile. We offer custom crafted partial and full dentures to recreate missing teeth and put the smile back on your face. Our Bloomington dentist and dental care team can create a tooth replacement prosthetic that will allow you to repair the form and function of your damaged smile. Call our Bloomington dentist and team to learn more or schedule a tooth replacement consultation with the Barco Family Dentistry team today.


Dentures remain as one of the most popular tooth replacement options because they’re an excellent choice for practically any adult suffering from moderate to severe tooth loss. When you visit us for a consultation, we’ll have a conversation with you about what your goals for your smile are. Then, we’ll review your medical history and examine your mouth. Oral health issues like cavities, decayed teeth, and gum disease can make wearing dentures uncomfortable, so if needed, we’ll help you overcome these issues first. Then, once we’ve determined that you’re a good candidate, we’ll help you determine which type of denture is right for you.


Dentures are a versatile restoration that can be used to address many levels of tooth loss. Whether you’re missing just a few teeth or an entire arch, we can create a custom denture that fills the gaps in your smile seamlessly. Depending on your unique situation and preferences, we will recommend one of the following types of dentures:


Partial dentures are often referred to simply as partials. These tooth replacement prosthetics are used to fill the gaps in patients’ smiles left by numerous consecutive and nonconsecutive teeth. A gum-colored base material is used to support all of the replacement teeth. The entire prosthetic is crafted to fit snuggly between the remaining teeth, and they are held in place by metal clasps.


Dentures can now be paired with the latest tooth replacement treatment: dental implants. An implant denture looks just like a traditional denture, but it’s anchored securely in place via four to eight dental implants throughout the jaw. These small metal posts are embedded into the bone tissue to act as replacement tooth roots, which gives implant dentures unmatched stability, comfort, longevity, and a bevy of important health benefits. During your consultation, we’ll help you discover if implant dentures are a good choice for you.


It’s essential to replace even a single missing tooth, and for patients with numerous missing teeth, it’s even more important. Replacing missing teeth with dentures allows patients with advanced tooth loss to eat a more varied diet, speak more clearly, and smile with complete confidence in any personal or professional situation. If you still have some remaining healthy teeth, a partial denture can also help you avoid further tooth loss.


To care for your smile, you’ll need to brush your dentures to remove plaque and food buildup. You should always store your partial and full dentures in cool water or cleaning solution over night to prevent drying out. Use oral rinse to remove plaque buildup on your gum line. Every six months, you should visit our team for a checkup. We can examine your partial or full denture and make any repairs you may need during these visits to extend the life of your denture.

In most cases, you’ll need to replace your partial or full dentures every five to ten years. The lifetime of your denture will depend largely on how well you take care of them. Most dental insurance providers offer coverage for new dentures every five years. We typically recommend a new prosthetic every seven years or ten at the very most to ensure proper function. If your denture is damaged or bent, do not wear it. Proceed to our office as soon as possible to have your denture repaired or replaced.


If you’re considering dentures, you’re surely wondering about the price of your treatment. At Barco Family Dentistry, we want to make the information you need as easy to access as possible, which is why we’ve included some factors to keep in mind when it comes to the cost of your dentures. Read on to learn more!


At Barco Family Dentistry, we understand that dentures are a huge investment in the future of your smile. They allow you to eat, speak, and go about your life normally. However, it’s likely that you understandably have some questions about what it’s like to live with them. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the questions about dentures that we get asked the most often, and answered them for you.

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