Millions of adults are affected by nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism). While it may sound harmless, teeth grinding can cause problems like chronic headaches, jaw pain, and damage to your smile. At Barco Family Dentistry, we want to do all we can to protect your teeth, which is why we offer custom-made nightguards. This treatment allows our patients to sleep with comfort and confidence. Keep reading to learn how you could benefit from a nightguard in Bloomington.


Bruxism is a term from teeth grinding. While the majority of cases occur at night, bruxism can happen while the patient is conscious (during the day). The risk with grinding teeth at night is that it’s hard for patients to notice when it’s happening. Teeth can become worn down, broken, and fractured if bruxism isn’t caught. Typical symptoms for teeth grinding include:

  • Grinding or clenched teeth
  • Flattened or chipped teeth
  • Sensitivity in teeth
  • Tired or tight jaw muscles
  • Jaw, face, head, or neck pain
  • Headache that starts in the temples
  • Sleep disruption


After we confirm that you’re affected by bruxism, we’ll schedule an appointment to create your personalized nightguard. We will first take models and digital impressions of your smile before sending it off to a lab. Your night guard is made out of thin yet durable clear plastic, designed to fit around your upper teeth. Then, once it’s created, you’ll come back into our office. We will ensure that your nightguard fits and functions perfectly before sending you home to have a safe and comfortable sleep.


When deciding on treatment for bruxism, it’s important to understand that not all night guards are created equally. Store bought solutions may seem like they can do the trick, but our custom-made nightguards are not only more effective, but their built to last longer. Because ours are made from impressions of your smile, they can better protect your teeth from force and pressure. Plus, store-bought options will typically only last a few months, whereas ours can last years if properly cared for.

The most significant benefit of receiving a nightguard is that you’ll be protecting your teeth for many smiles down the road. Grinding puts unnecessary stress and pressure on your teeth and face. With our treatment, you can rest easy and smile with confidence for years to come.

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