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When you come to Barco Family Dentistry, you should expect to receive exemplary dental care. What you might not expect—but will be pleased to receive—is great customer service. For us, that includes a friendly greeting when you walk through the door as well as accepting your insurance. Barco Family Dentistry does not accept Medicaid; however, we are in-network providers for a number of dental insurance plans including:

  • Ameritas
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Guardian
  • Health Resources Inc.
  • MetLife
  • Siho
  • United Healthcare


What does it mean to see a dentist that is in-network with your dental insurance plan? Most basically it means that you will save money, and that’s good! More specifically, an in-network insurance dentist in Bloomington has established fees for covered procedures. These fees are pre-negotiated with the insurance companies and are like contracts. We cannot charge more for the service. So once you’ve met the deductible required for your plan and you’ve paid the co-insurance fee (usually just called a co-pay), that’s all you owe us.

If we are not in-network with your insurance, then you still might want to consider coming to Barco Family Dentistry. Our fees are competitively set, so even your out-of-network coverage may still be affordable. The website for your benefits provider should spell out the difference between in-network and out-of-network expenses. But you can always call on our office staff to help you know up front what your out-of-pocket cost will be for any given procedure.


While both dental insurance and medical insurance are intended to help you and your family live healthier lives, they do operate somewhat differently. That’s because medicine and dentistry are different. In medicine, doctors tend to see patients when there’s a problem. For example, let’s say your son has an earache. You take him to the pediatrician who discovers infection that can be cured with a few days of antibiotics.

Dentistry, on the other hand, is meant to prevent problems from ever developing. That’s why biannual dental checkups are so important. With this regularity, your dentist in Bloomington is able to stay one step ahead of most dental and oral health troubles. Dental insurance benefits plans almost universally pay for preventive appointments, including dental cleanings and exams as well as annual digital x-rays. Some plans also cover or partially cover a number of restorative procedures, too, because these are often steps necessary to prevent the spread of dental disease or infection.


If you have questions about your dental insurance, or if you’d like to know whether or not a certain procedure is covered on you plan, we’ll be happy to help.

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