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When you see your child’s smile, your day becomes brighter. We feel the exact same way, which why we work hard to make sure that dental problems don’t interfere with their ability to smile with confidence. Our gentle and experienced team has the patience and training to handle young patients and help them understand why oral health is so important. Has it been a while since your child’s last checkup and cleaning appointment? Do they have a problem that is bothering them? Contact us to schedule a visit for them as soon as possible.


We’ve designed our Bloomington office to be a family-friendly place. When you bring your child in for the first time, we’ll be primarily focused on helping your child feel comfortable with our team. We’ll take time to get to know them personally and perform a simple exam to make sure that they are cavity free and that they are developing correctly. We’ll also answer any questions you have about your child’s oral health. As they become more familiar with us and our tools, we’ll add in dental cleanings to these checkup appointments.


While we visit with your child, we’ll demonstrate and explain the proper technique to brush and floss their teeth. We take this time so that they have the necessary skills to take care of their smile at home. These daily habits keep plaque and bacteria from building up and causing tooth decay. With every appointment, we encourage children to learn these healthy oral habits that will keep their smile healthy for many years to come.


As the hardest substance in your child’s body, tooth enamel is still susceptible to damage and decay. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens enamel and is often found in public drinking water. After we complete your child’s dental cleaning, we can give them a concentrated fluoride treatment. This concentrated topical application is completely safe and can defend their tooth enamel from decay until their next dental visit.


Compared to the other teeth, the molars and premolars receive the most use and abuse. The deep grooves make chewing easier, but at the same time, food and bacteria can also become trapped in these places and cause cavities. We can offer dental sealants, clear plastic coatings that prevent bacteria from settling in these vulnerable spots. This preventive solution can quickly be performed after a cleaning and can provide cavity protection for up to 10 years!


No matter the age or skill level of your loved one, if they play a sport where an injury to the face is possible, they should wear a mouthguard. However, the ones sold at stores are often uncomfortable, and children can avoid using them. Luckily, we can provide your child with a custom mouthguard, one that fits their unique smile perfectly.

Have questions about our children’s dentistry services? Give our Bloomington office a call. We’ll be happy to address your concerns and get your child’s appointment scheduled.

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